Fire Alarm

LEI Systems offers you an exceptionally comprehensive level of fire alarm services.
To begin, we offer consultation, design and installation services by our NICET certified design team and technicians. We offer several 24-hour services to maintain a trouble-free fire alarm system that include: UL Listed fire monitoring, troubleshooting and repair. LEI provides also provides life safety inspections as well as maintenance and cleaning services to further ensure your alarm functions properly over time.
LEI Systems technicians have been factory trained and certified by most major fire alarm companies. Specializing in Notifier, Firelite, Silent Knight and Mircom, but can also service many others. There is no project too big or small, we can accommodate all of your fire alarm needs.


The telecommunications world changes on a daily basis and can be very difficult to keep up with. It usually is very challenging for the customer to determine what type of infrastructure cabling is needed for their network. At LEI we offer the very best voice, data, and fiber optic solutions available. The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) will ensure that the customer has a cabling infrastructure installed that will exceed today’s standards. Our company currently holds installer certifications for Bicsi, Commscope and Leviton. Our engineers and installers are constantly attending manufactures training so we can offer the best solution.

Telecommunications Cabling

At LEI we understand the rapidly changing telecommunications industry. We strive to achieve high standards in design and installation of telecommunications products, and stand behind our manufactures warranties on the products we install. Our Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), project managers and trained Bicsi Installers/Technicians can assist you with the planning, design, installation and maintenance of the right structured cabling system to support your voice, data, and security, video and building management applications.
• BICSI RCDD (engineering and design)
• Category 5e, 6 and 6+ copper solutions
• Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber optic solutions
• Wireless Technology
• Testing and certification to TIA/EIA and BICSI standards
• AutoCAD and Visio documentation
• Extended warranties for Commscope and Leviton


LEI provides a wide range of options with the Nationally known Telecor line of School communications systems.
Telecor’s Educational Market provides communication systems that are specifically designed for schools. These systems cater to the way in which an educational facility operates– with technology that provides schools with a host of new and diverse capabilities that are conducive to student learning. Telecor’s sophisticated communication solutions offer time efficiency for staff, reliable security for administrators, teachers and parents, as well as a stronger liaison between teachers and parents.

Telecor II and XL Systems

Telecor manufactures a high-performance communications package that interfaces separate communication subsystems into a cost-effective and comprehensive network.
Intercom, Paging, and Program Distribution Features.
A user can easily operate the Telecor system with the MCC-300 Administrative Console. The console contains clearly defined function keys to guide the user through operations, quickly and efficiently.
Intercom calls to classroom speakers, duplex communications to traditional telephone instruments, together with selective paging and program distribution, are performed from the MCC-300 console. Incoming calls from remote locations are presented in chronological and priority sequence on the easy-to-read console LCD display

Telephone Integration

A facility’s telephone system can interface directly to the Telecor Communications System, providing the optimum in flexibility for institutions by allowing telephone extensions to communicate with classroom speakers and administrative consoles, manually activate tones for emergency signaling purposes, and conduct paging announcements throughout the facility.

Classroom Peripherals

Telecor manufacturers a wide variety of devices for the classroom environment, including loudspeakers, call switches, telephones, and clocks. Each classroom can be configured with any combination of devices to suit its specific requirements.

Time Control

A built-in Master Clock controls and synchronizes all digital and analog secondary clocks, ensuring all clocks in a facility display the correct time. The Master Clock can control multiple events throughout the facility, such as class change signalling, and automatically adjusts for seasonal events, holidays, and daylight-savings time.Digital clocks can display messages (e.g. “Bell”) from the Master Clock to provide visual indication of events.Messages can be coded to discreetly convey matters of concern to staff, such as an unlocked open doorScrolling messaging capability is also provided. Messages can be activated/deactivated automatically or manually.

Access Control

Distribution and management of access cards is done quickly and inexpensively through user friendly software. Locking and unlocking of doors can be automated through a simple calendar based schedule. You can also report on virtually any access activity throughout your facility at any time. As an option, video badging can be incorporated for an added level of security.


Security systems are more important than ever before. For business and residences alike, protecting yourself, your loved ones and your assets is what counts the most. At Lefler Electronics, we offer both hard-wired and wireless products and installation with the expertise that you require and at a price you can afford.


LEI Systems specializes in Bosch CCTV implementations, from front door cameras to multi-camera vandal proof commercial systems with remote access and night vision.

LEI Systems can seamlessly integrate just about any type of system, and expertly assemble a new system, to offer the desired level of security required to protect your business and property.

LEI offers variety of different styles, sizes, shapes of cameras to best suite your CCTV. We pride ourselves on meeting with the customer, designing a fully functional system, providing a detailed quote, installing and supporting the CCTV system that was designed.

All of our systems have the capability of viewing from over internet, viewing locally, transferring images to a transportable medium. Your system is designed to meet your expectations while keeping your budget in mind.

• IP Cameras
• NVR – network video Recorder – accepts IP cameras
• Hybrid DVR – accepts IP cameras and Analog cameras
• DVR – accepts standard cameras